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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Construction Zone Part 1

Boom! Crash! Clink! Ding! Ouch!!! Yes my friends that is the sound of a home under Let's see... it will almost be 2 years since we have moved in and finally the house is starting to feel like our very own. There was so much that we wanted to do to the house, but as one would say "Money doesnt grow on trees". Well technically it's paper which comes from trees, so money does grow on trees. Ha!. Whenever I heard my husband say "Honey, I need your help!!"... That usually meant that I was either going to get injured, yelled at for not helping correctly, or getting wet. LOL. Anyhooos the house is finally almost finished!! Here are some pictures of before and after :)

Izzys Room Before

Izzys Room After

Okay So Can you guess what her favorite color is??LOL. Lets move on to the next project. Project Master bedroom. This room I must say took the longest and mainly because we could not agree on a color, but I prevailed of
After...Since then we have added some new bedsheets, curtains, and headboard, but you get the picture :)
Since my color choice was SOOOOO fabulous we decided to run it through the entire master bath and closet.
So that is the progress that has been made upstairs!! I must boast on my hubby...He is awesome at what he does....Now some of you may be thinking. Hmmmmm aren't there 3 bedrooms upstairs and the answer is correct there is 3 bedrooms upstairs, but I think we will get to that in another blog. Now the renovation has continued and I am so proud to say that our home is finally starting to become ours :)



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  1. Lovely color choices! It is so fun to finally get things how you want them.