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Monday, June 11, 2012

Public Service Announcememnt!!!

Ok parents try to stay calm...take a breath, count to 10....becuase in just 1 1/2 days school will be out for the summer...That's right brace yourselves because school is out for summer!!! As the children scream and cheer; the nannies and parents, and camp counselors cry.LOL...I dread this time of seriously I do!! It's a time of intense heat, crying children, messy floors, screeching tweens, and not to mention the INTENSE HEAT!!..Okay so finally I have wised up and I have hired an assistant for the summer...Why did I not think of this before??

I just want to remind you wonderful parents of something. Please be patient with the people who are caring for your children. The reason you have them caring for your children is because you yourself dont even want to deal with that your children are not little angels and such a joy to watch...something happens to them in the summer time..It's like the heat is getting to thier heads and they seem to get in alot of trouble. So if the camp counselor says your child did something and you think to yourself "my child would never...";...ummmm think again becuase most likely they did!!

Yes summer will be wonderful; filled with vacations, beaches, pool visits, bike riding, summer camps, road trips, family cookouts....but for the ones actually watching your children it will be whining, crying, screaming, messy crafts, dirt everywhere, breaking up fights, and did I mention the INTENSE HEAT!! So give your childcare providers a break when they say "I think I need a vacation!".lol. Have a great summer everyone!!!

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