Me and The Hubby

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Space for 1 More?

Two little feet,
so tender and sweet

   That have walked with the angels
On heavenly streets
 Ten little fingers, and ten little toes,
With every new day continue to grow.
 One little mouth that sings to our Lord.
And two little ears to hear His word.
 One prefect baby for us to love,
With wisdom and guidence from our Father above :)
So as many of you know we are adding a new addition to our family!! It's so exciting!! There has been much heartache and pain, but God knew what He was doing and he was just preparing us for the joy that was coming....As one preacher put it "You can never know pure Joy unless you have gone through some Sorrow".
I must say that this little one has certainly kept us on our toes this time around, but its just a testimony of his life and how God can answer when you call on his name. Some of the examples would be when we went into the office one day and the doctor could not find the heartbeat..I must say that it was the scariest time in my life... Or maybe the time when they could not see a face, or maybe the time when my BP was so high that he was in such danger, or maybe the time when he had a spot on his heart and they had to bring in a specialist from childrens hospitol, or just for the simple fact that the doctors were not expecting my preganancy to make past 4 months like the other 3 preganancies...What do you do when that happens?? Simple you call on the God that you have a daily relationship with!!

Proverbs 3:5 ESV -Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Thats what this pregancy has been all about. Trust and believing that God will do what he has promised!! Just thinking back to those circumstances make me tear up...the entire time we didnt waiver. We just knew that whatever happened it was all in His timing and in his plans.

And so No I have not just gotten Fat!!.LOL..There is a little boy in there growing and thriving by God's grace :)
Eyes Open, look at those Chubby Cheeks...Our little man is far beyond the saftey zone!!! And come December 16,2012...maybe before or maybe after that date ;) you will enter this world. God has certainly been Faithful!!
Numbers 14:24
But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.
You will live up to your name and you will serve God with all of your heart :)

Mommy, Daddy, and Big sister can't wait for you to come!! Love you :)


Construction Zone Part 1

Boom! Crash! Clink! Ding! Ouch!!! Yes my friends that is the sound of a home under Let's see... it will almost be 2 years since we have moved in and finally the house is starting to feel like our very own. There was so much that we wanted to do to the house, but as one would say "Money doesnt grow on trees". Well technically it's paper which comes from trees, so money does grow on trees. Ha!. Whenever I heard my husband say "Honey, I need your help!!"... That usually meant that I was either going to get injured, yelled at for not helping correctly, or getting wet. LOL. Anyhooos the house is finally almost finished!! Here are some pictures of before and after :)

Izzys Room Before

Izzys Room After

Okay So Can you guess what her favorite color is??LOL. Lets move on to the next project. Project Master bedroom. This room I must say took the longest and mainly because we could not agree on a color, but I prevailed of
After...Since then we have added some new bedsheets, curtains, and headboard, but you get the picture :)
Since my color choice was SOOOOO fabulous we decided to run it through the entire master bath and closet.
So that is the progress that has been made upstairs!! I must boast on my hubby...He is awesome at what he does....Now some of you may be thinking. Hmmmmm aren't there 3 bedrooms upstairs and the answer is correct there is 3 bedrooms upstairs, but I think we will get to that in another blog. Now the renovation has continued and I am so proud to say that our home is finally starting to become ours :)



Monday, June 11, 2012

Public Service Announcememnt!!!

Ok parents try to stay calm...take a breath, count to 10....becuase in just 1 1/2 days school will be out for the summer...That's right brace yourselves because school is out for summer!!! As the children scream and cheer; the nannies and parents, and camp counselors cry.LOL...I dread this time of seriously I do!! It's a time of intense heat, crying children, messy floors, screeching tweens, and not to mention the INTENSE HEAT!!..Okay so finally I have wised up and I have hired an assistant for the summer...Why did I not think of this before??

I just want to remind you wonderful parents of something. Please be patient with the people who are caring for your children. The reason you have them caring for your children is because you yourself dont even want to deal with that your children are not little angels and such a joy to watch...something happens to them in the summer time..It's like the heat is getting to thier heads and they seem to get in alot of trouble. So if the camp counselor says your child did something and you think to yourself "my child would never...";...ummmm think again becuase most likely they did!!

Yes summer will be wonderful; filled with vacations, beaches, pool visits, bike riding, summer camps, road trips, family cookouts....but for the ones actually watching your children it will be whining, crying, screaming, messy crafts, dirt everywhere, breaking up fights, and did I mention the INTENSE HEAT!! So give your childcare providers a break when they say "I think I need a vacation!".lol. Have a great summer everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Is The Air!!

Yes today is the day!!! The day where Love abounds in every heart...Awww.... and so does the filling out of the kids valentine's gifts for school, laundry day, baking hubby's banana Bread, putting the roast on for dinner,and making sure the 3 kids I am watching dont kill eachother....Yes people love is certainly in the Air. NOT!!!.LOL...Me and the hubby do not celebrate Valentine's Day for the simple fact that if he can't show me that he loves me every day then "Houston We Have A Problem".lol.
I did however do a few things with the kiddies today to spread the Love :)
My Video wouldnt upload so a pic will have to

They sang a beautiful song to the Lord: "1,2,3 God Loves Me; 4,5, Glad to be Alive; 6,7, 8 God is Great; 9,10, We Sing It Again!!!"
We also made cute little cards for Mommy and Daddy saying how much we love them.

Once in a Lifetime
Once in a lifetime you find someone special,
Your lives intermingle and somehow you know.
This is the beginning of all you have longed for,
A love you can build on, a love that will grow.
Once in a lifetime to those who are lucky,
A miracle happens and dreams all come true.
I know it can happen, it happened to me,
For I've found my "once in a lifetime" with you.

Awwwww......That Got me all teary eyed..LOL
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone :)